Combining the essencial elements properly

In life there are four essential elements that are always present in human existence.

These elements are described in The Menu For Life, and you dear reader can understand how and why “love, education, work and service to others” are the key elements that must be combined in any vital time of change, of growth, also in times of challenge and uncertainty, in times of difficulty and suffering, because these are common factors that will help us find the balance needed to evolve and grow as people.

By combining these elements properly, a person will succeed and be a winner in all life’s challenges. This book is designed to help maintain a good balance between our material and spiritual life, and improve human quality in our actions and behaviors and thus contribute to personal growth.


Love is the energy that drives humans within the evolutionary path, is a divine and heavenly gift giving energy and motivation to perform any work or dream that a person has in life.

Love starts with loving yourself, you need to cultivate and perfect love to yourself in order to provide it to others, it is not a relationship with only one person, it is a relationship with all the people around us; when there is love, people are inspired, they are cheerful, grateful, calm, optimistic and radiate peace.

Love is present in the work and effort made to get the financial support needed to live every day, is the seal to be printed in all elections, activities and roles you play in life.

Love is an act of surrender and oneness with everyone with whom we interact, as an expression of good will and intention.

Why love is one of the pillars of The Menu For Life?

In the book The Menu For Life when talking about love, it refers to a wider concept than a feeling of being in love with someone else; this concept is discussed as one of the transcendental pillars of The Menu For Life, by analyzing and studying its different classes such as fraternal, maternal, erotic, loving yourself and God.

By reading the book, one can conclude that love is a state that is learned, it is a practical activity that in its proper balance with the other three pillars: education, work and service to others, allows achieving a full and happy life.


Education is a process of learning and growth for developing mental, intellectual, moral and spiritual capacity of each person.

Education includes two main aspects: one from the moral point of view, for the formation of social beings with values and respect for rules and codes of living that define society. The second is from the mental and intellectual point of view for transferring knowledge and developing skills to play a useful role in society.

Education is present in the daily work we do through the exercise of a profession that allows us to earn a living to satisfy our basic needs for subsistence.

Education allows us to maintain a healthy and peaceful coexistence with our neighbors by respecting the laws and rules for living in community.

Education helps the development and practice of human virtues, especially respect for our neighbors, avoiding aggressive behavior and lack of tolerance.

Why Education is one of the principles of The Menu For Life?

In the book The Menu For Life when talking about Education, it refers to a comprehensive process of development and learning of intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual aspects of life.

By reading the book, one can conclude that Education is a fundamental element for the growth and development of each person, and joined with the other elements of The Menu For Life: lovework and service to others, it allows achieving a full life. Education helps us to forge a profession to live, it helps us to live in community and allows us to achieve spiritual growth for which we are destined.


The work is an innate human condition that drives him to produce the necessary goods and services to meet basic subsistence needs. The work is the way we progress and get material well-being to live a dignified and comfortable life. The Work is a collective activity that is related to the progress and development of a country. The most developed and organized countries have strong and stable economies which are based on the work done by its inhabitants. The work should be a fun and enjoyable activity that generates happiness, well-being and stability. The honest and well done work is the only way to progress materially for achieving fulfillment as a social being. The work is essential for the survival and preservation of life and it is one of the pillars on which the progress of a society rests.

Why Work is one of the principles of The Menu For Life?

In the book The Menu For Life, it is shown how all the love and education that we have acquired in our lives, must be translated or incorporated into the work we develop as members of a society. The work must be done with love, giving the best we have as human beings, placing the best wishes and intentions to do well and looking for the greatest benefit for our fellow man. Moreover, the work must be based on knowledge, skills and technique that we have acquired through education we have received. The work that we do must be based on a technical or scientific support to be efficient and effective for solving a need or a problem All work we do should benefit and serve others to meet social work.

Service to others

Service to others is one of the greatest and highest satisfactions of life.

Service to others is based on love; giving without expecting anything in return is one of the most authentic expressions of love.

Service to others is also related to education, knowledge and skills that we have acquired throughout our lives. It is a great satisfaction when we share our knowledge with others to help solving a problem or need.

Service to others is related to the work we do every day because all the goods and services we produce in our work are for the benefit of our fellow men.

From the most trading company to the most altruistic foundation, they always seek the solution and satisfaction of the needs of their clients. In other words, there is always a relationship with others by an attitude of service or trade.

Why Service to others is one of the principles of The Menu For Life?

Service to others is one of the principles of The Menu For Life, as it is integrated or merged with all the love, education and work we have developed in our life.

In Service to others, we show love for our neighbor by an attitude of surrender, support and solidarity. When we give without expecting anything in return, double satisfaction is generated, for the person that gives as well as for the person who receives.

In Service to others, the education we have is evidenced by sharing knowledge and experience to help the growth and empowerment of our neighbors who may need help.

In serving others, we demonstrate that our work always has a direct relationship with the solution and meeting the needs of our neighbors, especially in times of stress or pressure.