The Menu For Life

Discover how to live better and fuller.

The Menu for life is a book that goes beyond Personal Growth, since it has a projection and impact in the Collective and Social field. Through six real examples of a universal nature, it allows us to see and understand how the combination of love, education, work and service to others, has produced permanent change and evolution throughout the history of mankind.

How does it help us?

At the individual level it allows to achieve a full and happy life; At the collective level it allows to achieve a harmonious, peaceful and full living life. By reading the book, it can be concluded that love is a living experience of divinity and the will of the supreme being of creation to live together in joy, peace and harmony with our fellow men. Education is a fundamental element for growth and evolution. Work is the only way we can achieve a life of satisfaction and personal fulfillment that allows us to live a dignified, comfortable and pleasant life. Service to others is the greatest satisfaction a human being can experience.

How to improve your quality of life?

By combining these elements properly we will always achieve success and be successful in all the challenges of life. This book is designed to help maintain a good balance between our material and spiritual life, as well as improve human quality in our actions and behaviors and therefore contribute to the personal and collective growth of all human beings.

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Also available in spanish as El Menú Para La Vida.

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Combining these elements, you will success and will know how to face life challenges.

    Discover how to live better and fully improving your quality of life.

    About the author

    The author is a Systems Engineer who has worked 33 years in various IT projects throughout his working life and decided to address four issues with a more human and warm point of view.

    Given his interest and great passion for reading books related to theosophy and sociology, from a personal experience was interested in writing a book on the themes of love, education, work and service to others.